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I am pleased to announce that the search for a successor as webmaster for the Network of International Congregations has progressed. Expect an announcement within the next few weeks..

In our own behalf:

Welcome to the website of the Network of International Congregations.

In our current internet age, the role of a website like ours cannot be underestimated.

We provide you with an opportunity to:
    - Advertise Pastoral Vacancies
    - Be part of a growing network of International Churches across the world.

Site analytics provided us suggest that around 150-200 visits are made to our website on a typical day, everyday, by people seeking information about the work of international congregations, spread equally through the week! Interest is heavy not only for each of the continents or regions listed, but also for the various listings of vacancies in congregational leadership. In short, the site serves an obviously useful purpose to people on all continents. (Please ask if you would like to see one or another of the site analytics reports.)

For the past several years the work of this website has been made possible by the remainder of funds dedicated to a continuing support of the website and cultivation of the Network upon the closing of the office for International Congregations/Christians Abroad of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA (NCCCUSA) and the retirement of its last full-time director, the Rev. Arthur Bauer. Once the position of part-time director, held in turn by the Rev. Drs. Scott Campbell and Karl Reko, was discontinued, all remaining website maintenance has been and continues to be handled on a voluntary basis by the Rev. Dr. James Dwyer, who initiated the website more than a decade ago prior to Art Bauer's retirement, with occasional volunteer help with a graphic website update and with updating of contact information for congregations on various continents. Money for internet server fees has continued to be drawn from a remainder of NCC-derived funds, which is slowly nearing its end.

As Dr. Dwyer enters retirement himself and the costs for domain and site maintenance continue, steps are being taking to permit and encourage users of this site to make voluntary contributions for the future maintenance of the site. A nominal and strictly voluntary donation of only $5 per new listing or revision of existing information — or another amount as considered appropriate — would be a welcome sign of encouragement and a significant help toward meeting costs in the future.

Donations can be made to Dr. Dwyer's PayPal account "James Dwyer" until such time as a dedicated account for the Network of International Congregations can be established.

Through the 2010 revisions prepared by the Rev. Richard Waddell, we have tried to make this directory of International Churches more accessible than ever before. Just click on your continent to find the details you are looking for. Through thorough efforts of the Rev. Ken MacHarg most contact information was updated about the same time. In his retirement Dr. Dwyer will be taking regular steps to assure that each congregation's contact information is reviewed and updated regularly.

Please let us know of any links which do not work, or of details which may have changed. Many thanks.

Contact — Dr. James Dwyer, responsible for the content.